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Luxuryis an easy to catch addiction.

Signature - Exclusive real estate properties

Exclusive properties, with luxury finishes, hugesurfaces , top quality design  and surrounded by amazinglandscapes. Absolutly suitable for investments as well.

The Signature division of our group has been estabilished 50 years ago. It has experience in many field such as property management and consulting. Every single property is well analyzed in order to understand if it can be considered by our group to be part of with the top range products in terms of quality and uniqueness.

The products of our portfolio are strictly selectioned in between the several requests we received in order to be prposed to our best customers.

What can Signature could give to clients who are selling or buying?

Signature gives the buyer a complete assistance. A dedicated team is appointed to display our best products and also to make a tailor made research for them in all the Italian territory. We provide legal and accounting consultations and we are ready to answer all your questions regarding your step to move to our country. The team is also qualified enough to provide advicing in difficult renovations of old mansions as well as luxury decorations of very special properties.

Signature gives the buyer all its skills in the valuation of the property, through ages of experience and famous real estate advisors who work for the major investment banks and edge funds. In addition the team will assist the negociation of the sale from the first moment to the complition.

Our team

Tiziana Volpes

Oscar Garibaldi

Massimiliano Tocci


Luisa Monti

Paola Pisani

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